These little muslin bags are filled with dried herbs and flowers. Throw one under running water as the bath fills for a heavenly bathing experience. Use the bag as an exfoliating washcloth too! Each bag also includes oatmeal for its gentle cleansing and antiseptic properties.

Choose from three varieties:

1. Spearmint Elder Flower - Ingredients: Rolled oats, Elder Flowers, Nettle leaves, Spearmint

2. Sweet Summer Blend - Ingredients: Rolled oats, Lavender leaves & flower, Rose petals, Lovage root

3. Rosemary Lavender - Ingredients: Rolled oats, Lavender leaves, Rosemary leaves

Herbal Bath Bags

  • We do not use artificial perfumes or colours in any of our products. Any colours and scents in our products come from botanicals and essential oils.